40 Day Challenge

Set a positive tone for the day ahead and join Rebecca ‘live’ each morning, 7.15am to practice 40 Days Kundalini Yoga together. Everyone welcome, all you need is a willingness to try and desire for optimal wellbeing.


How to Enrol…

Join Rebecca: Monday – Friday at 7.15am for 30 minutes of live, guided Kundalini Yoga. Weekend mixes group or solo practice with ‘audio’ to follow along.

First complete the health questionnaire and payment, then contact Rebecca to receive your password. Each morning click ‘Join Zoom Class’ to join Rebecca and the group, live.

Meeting ID: 813 2072 4788

It was challenging to do at the start but now I can’t envisage starting my day without it. I just love it. Just do it. You will love it too!”


“Just wanted to say how brilliant it has been. And thank you. Doing it ‘live’ in a group is fantastic – I hope the classes continue.” 


“An enlightening invigorating and satisfying way to start the day.”


“Wow what a amazing 40 days! Totally transformed me mentally and physically. “


“A stimulating regime that helps you get in touch with your body, mind and soul.” 


“I am amazed how physically and mentally stronger I have become in these 40 days!” 


The ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga is a technology that when practiced regularly, can transform your life from the inside out.  It is an ‘experiential’ practice, so join us, experience for yourself how this unique style of Yoga can uplift you to achieve a fuller potential. 

Tuning in and Closing

Breath of Fire

Sample a Kundalini Class once you’ve watched the Tuning In and Breath of Fire videos

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